Spill Containment – Chemical & Oil

We are proud to be the agent and distributor for Spillcontaiment product range. We do not just simply sell our product, but also provides advisory in compliance of local act and by laws. Once the client understands the whole concept we will then provide them with possible choices of solutions.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater management is still a new playing field in Malaysia. Not until in the early year 2000 the government has revised the standards and related by laws related to stormwater management.

Since then we have been actively participating and contributing in the advancement of this field through our projects.

Erosion & Sediment Control

It is our priority and expertise to ensure our construction sites comply with erosion and sediment control measures. We also provide and supply products related to this area as it is also related to stormwater management construction compliance.

PURE is proud to be associated with International Erosion Control Association (IECA). We received first hand training and certification by the world oldest Erosion Control Association.

Civil & Structural Construction

The proprietor cum General Manager has aboout 11 years of experience in construction and design works. All construction activities carried out by PURE is being monitored personally to ensure it is up to the standard and specifications set forth. Being a professional engineer does have significant input in this field of service.

Property Cleaning & Maintenance Services

PURE carries out property cleaning and maintenance services. We have acquired a team which specialized and well equiped to provide an excellent service. We are back up by Ogosin Sdn Bhd, an industrial leader in cleaning chemicals and equipment.

Technical Visits

This is an area which PURE finds niche market. We have extensive networking locally as well as internationally. PURE have been providing this services to government agencies as well as private sectors. Basically these visits aims to get first hand experience and information abroad where advance tachnology in Stormwater and Spillcontainment are available.